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Flaxeco for your animal

Flaxeco strooiselFlaxeco bedding for your animal is 100% natural. Thanks to the absorption capacity of 430% these pellets last much longer.

  • High absorption capacity of 430%
  • Dust-free
  • Reduces odor nuisance
  • Soft soil cover
  • Composts quickly
  • Manure waste reduced up to 60%
  • Ph neutral

How to use Flaxeco for my animal?

  • Pour out 7-8 bags of 20L per box of 10 m2
  • Spread the pellets so that the soil is covered
  • Moisten the pellets with 20L of water
  • The pellets at the top swell up and form a soft bed
  • Give your horse some hay or straw
  • Remove the faeces daily
  • Add 1 bag each week
  • Refresh the pellets after 15 weeks
  • Spread out a layer of pellets 3 cm thick
  • If your animal is accustomed to another bedding, first mix it 50/50 with Flaxeco
  • Remove the faeces daily
  • Refresh the pellets after 2-3 weeks
  • 100% compostable


“Thanks to Flaxeco, the number of flies in our horse’s stable has gone down significantly.”
S Taelman, Wervik
“By using Flaxeco as cat litter, the bad odour in my apartment has disappeared.”
D Decock, Gent