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Flaxeco for your garden

This soil cover is 100% ecological. It’s 100% made out of shives coming from the flax plant. The shives are being pressed into a pellet. Due to the heating during the production process these pellets are sterile.

  • High absorption capacity of 430%
  • Retains moisture longer
  • Houdt het vocht langer in de bodem vast
  • Protects your plants against the cold during winter
  • Keeps away snails and beetles
  • 100 % biodegradable

How to use Flaxeco in your garden?

Get the weeds out of the soil

Pour out the bag (1 bag of 20L = 2 m²)

Spread the pellets to cover the entire soil

If it rains or if you add water yourself the pellets swell up

The sun causes the pellets to ‘crust’ so that they’re not blown away by the wind

The pellets still allow water to pass through and retain the moisture longer

The pellets can remain there for 12 to 18 months

Ph neutral = does not acidify the soil


“Since we’ve been using Flaxeco as soil cover for the garden, the presence of weeds has decreased with 90%.”
J&D Degraeve, Oudenaarde